I'm Maxime, yo. French front end developer specialized in Angular and Highcharts.
Freelancer, food lover and rugby second row since 2k8.
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I’m Maxime, a 22 year old front-end developer from France. I’m specialized in Angular 1.x and Angular 2 but also in Highcharts, a Javascript chart library. I’m a Freelancer since 2k15 with my group: Arcadmedia. I love food (especially asian food 🍣), playing rugby with friends (I play as second row since 2008), and contributing to open source projects.

You may ask : “Why are you writing in english while you’re french?”. That’s simple: I love writing about dev, tech an off topic themes but the problem is everybody don’t understand french. So if I want to reach a large part of people, I have to write in english but no worries french friends, I probably will write some articles in both languages.


Date Comments
27.06.2015 DUT diploma in Computer Science, Web Developer course (Computer Science University of La Rochelle, 17)
14.04.2015 Front-End Developer at Raccourci Agency (La Rochelle 17)
22.03.2015 Visited Barcelona, Spain for the first time
12.07.2012 Baccalaureate in Sciences and Management Technologies, Third Class Honours (Saint-André Highschool, Niort 79)
23.03.2009 Visited Ludwigsburg, Germany for the first time


Want to hire me or contact me for a project? Please email me: maxime.lafarie[at]gmail[dotcom].


All code you see here is free to use however you see fit, however corresponding GitHub projects articles may mention usually have an MIT license.